ProcureCon Indirect Europe 2020

03 - 04 September, 2020

Hotel Palace, Berlin

Phil Thomas, MD & Head of Global Sourcing at Barclays
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Phil Thomas

MD & Head of Global Sourcing

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Conference Day One – 3 September 2020

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

9:50 AM Keynote Interactive Panel: Integrating your technology, people and processes: How can you build a strategy to successfully align these critical factors within your procurement function to deliver greater value?

·         Becoming a business partner: How to create valve beyond cost saving through leveraging key supplier relationships, increasing technology adoption and creating cross functional teams within the business
·         How can you determine what a great procurement structure looks like for your organisation?
·         How to best track industry trends and innovations to create a winning next generation procurement teamconsistently deliver business value
·         How will the CPO’s role transform in the digital era to remain relevant within the business?
·         What will be the core skill sets of procurement professional in the future and how will these skills be replenished?

2:20 PM Fire-side Chat: How can you build a startup ecosystem to benefit from the latest innovations in today’s agile environment?

·         How to select the right start-up to help support indirect sourcing and purchasing and seamlessly integrate them as key partners for your team
·         How can the agile start-up environment allow you to adopt new technologies at pace and reap the benefits quicker?
·         How can you build strong relationships with startups to gain maximum exposure to the latest innovations?
·         How to leverage new tools in the market to  best find and  vet startups and  kick-start the process for  your team
·         How can you partner with start-ups to assist with vendor management and governance to ensure suppliers are fully compliant according to key brand values?
·         Benchmarking your start-up partnerships: Should start-ups only be benchmarked against other startups or against traditional suppliers as well?

Conference Day Two – 4 September 2020

Friday, September 4th, 2020

11:50 AM Fireside Chat: Re-evaluating your procurement strategy: How can you align your procurement function with key departments to improve commercial capabilities for your business?

·         How can you focus on delivering your company objectives by realigning your procurement team to achieve KPI’s and drive valve 
·         Global vs local strategies: How can you build a robust foundation to support a global procurement processes whilst keeping it relevant for local market needs?
·         How can you implement an agile way of working with a more collaborative and efficient approach to develop your team’s skillsets in securing   business buy-in for future projects?
·         How can you implement agile workflows with cross-departmental collaboration to ensure you are delvering value to every part of your business?
·         Talent transformation: How are you developing next generation talent alongside building individual’s profiles?