ProcureCon Indirect 2018

17 - 18 April, 2018

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

+ 44 (0) 207 368 9465


Challenges in Indirect Procurement - Benchmarking Report

Viewed through a simplistic lens indirect procurement is a straightforward enterprise:get a good deal on the equipment, consumables and services which a business needs to operate.

7 for 2017: Global Energy Market Trends - Schneider Electric

The global energy landscape continues to evolve, sometimes by the nanosecond. As this landscape shifts, the effects often can be felt across multiple departments and stakeholders in multiple geographies. This paper explores a few of the key global trends influencing the energy landscape to make 2017 an interesting year.

2017 Highlights Report

ProcureCon Indirect 2017 brought together an exclusive group of CPOs and Senior Procurement Executives from the top finance, telecoms, retail and other leading service-sector industries. As the only meeting place for those leading their procurement strategy, this was a unique chance to benchmark against the top-service sector companies, learn how to develop a cutting-edge procurement strategy and share ideas on how to overcome the challenges exclusive to non-manufacturing businesses. Take a look at our highlights report for 2017 here.

Procurement’s Tipping Points

Wax Digital asked over 250 senior managers and procurement professionals at mid-sized UK businesses about the triggers that led them to invest in professional procurement. Based on their findings they have identified what leads a business to reach its tipping point to adopt formalised procurement processes and systems.

For Travel Managers: Innovation in the Age of Outsourcing

If travel managers are to be seen as strategic players, they must be seen to add value which cannot be easily found elsewhere. But the question is how? We surveyed 400 senior executives around the globe who are responsible for travel purchasing to understand how a strategic approach to travel management can be empowered by engaging internal stakeholders. Take a look to find out more..

Indirect Procurement Challenges

Leading up to the ProcureCon Indirect conference we interviewed 100 indirect procurement professionals with the goal of understanding where the biggest opportunities and challenges lie in 2018.The research aimed to discover where indirect procurement teams stand on some of the current issues facing the industry. Get the report here to find out more.