ProcureCon Indirect Europe 2020

02 - 04 September, 2020

10am - 4pm (London) / 11am - 5pm (Berlin)

60 Second Interview: Gabhain Neary, Supplier Sourcing Leader, EMEA and LATAM, Google

What is your role within the Google procurement team?
We spend billions of dollars with suppliers every year. We buy hardware, software, professional services, build and manage facilities around the world, use various technology services, marketing services and provide benefits for our staff. Our Supplier Sourcing team ensures we have strong and creative relationships with internal stakeholders and the right suppliers, so that Google can get the best value and continue to invest in its great new products and customer relationships. My specific role is to manage the team in EMEA and LATAM, which is a total team of 6 Googlers (myself included) managing a spend portfolio of around $3billion USD out of $10billion USD globally.

In what ways do you feel the indirect procurement function is evolving?
In our case it is really more about business partnering and understanding the business first and bringing a procurement acumen second. If we don't know what we are buying and why its important to the business its hard to add a lot of value. For a company like Google that means we have to balance the mega project spend with the quirky one offs that can turn into the next mega project. We also operate in a non mandated environment so we need to be out there in the business and actively selling our role and then allocating projects to the team as necessary

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing at the moment?
Getting our resourcing model on the Supplier Sourcing team to scale as Google continues to grow - we are already heavily outsourced on our operations front, like invoice payment and expense reporting.

What is the ideal solution to that challenge?
The ongoing solution is to cleverly partner with the business and understand how we are going to achieve our combined targets, for the business that is usually a quick to market solution but for us it is getting the right supply agreements in place to support us today and longer term as well when necessary.

What is your annual budget and which is your highest spend category?
Despite what you might have heard we don't spend all our money on food (it is amazing though) but globally we spend around $10BN and our Data Centre investments are the largest.

What do you hope to learn/achieve at Procurecon Indirect?
Meet some great like minded people and hear what challenges people are facing and what their innovative plans are to over come these over the next couple years.

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